2018 Work Experience

In July 2018 UWS hosted a Year 10 Work Experience student.  Liam quickly got to work on MapInfo, creating plans for site works, reviewing CCTV data and analysing pump curves.

Also starting in late June was Tom, our engineering intern.  Tom has been learning about hydraulic models, specifically InfoWorks ICM, starting with the collation of raw data and data entry for pressure sewer network design.

From left to right: Irene, Davide, Kim, Liam, Kerry, Tom, Kiara, Brad and Aidan

11 year celebration and office warming

On May the 4th a crowd gathered at Level 1, 8 Gipps Street to celebrate Urban Water Solutions’ eleventh anniversary.

Past employees, colleagues, clients and friends were all welcomed and Neil provided a summary of the past eleven years.

Reminiscences of past office locations, time spent working on projects in Asia, the Pacific Islands and the Americas, as well as the many varied domestic projects.

Many memories were shared, including the following ‘blasts from the past’.


AWA 2010 Dinner



Ann Pugh presents at Water NZ Modelling Symposium in Christchurch.

Urban Water Solutions have extensive experience in the design and optimisation of Pressure Sewer Systems across the world and presented a session at the Water NZ Modelling Symposium on ‘Optimising the Design & Operation of Pressure Sewer Systems’.

Pressure sewer systems have been in use since the early 1970s and are now an established alternative to gravity sewers for difficult to sewer areas. By using time-based pump operation rules, it is possible to control the timing of pump operations. This allows the modulation of flows in the system and reduces the peak flows to the discharge point. Modulating the flow by controlling how many pumps will operate simultaneously throughout the day, results in smaller pipe diameters across the system and reduces the detention time of the sewage in the PSS pipe network. Read more “Ann Pugh presents at Water NZ Modelling Symposium in Christchurch.”

Office Move Complete

Just in time for the Christmas-New Year close Urban Water Solutions have completed the move into their new office at Level 1, 8 Gipps Street Collingwood.

With ample space for our growing team of modelling specialists the new office is located just around the corner from our old office.

Kiara Lim presents at Innovyze User Day in Melbourne

While undertaking a recent modelling study Kiara undertook a sensitivity analysis comparing the use of the Ground Infiltration Model (GIM) and Fixed Runoff hydrology models within InfoWorks ICM to achieve calibration.

The flow data recorded indicated that there was a slower infiltration process occurring in the sewer, however as the GIM could only be calibrated to a small recurrence interval event there was little confidence in its ability to predict infiltration from the 5year design storm without further calibration.

The presentation discussed the theory behind the GIM, how it was applied for this project and why it was ultimately not adopted.