UWS present at Innovyze’s 2019 Melbourne User Days

UWS presented at the 2019 Melbourne Innovyze User Days with Nicholas Longden and Bradley Nissley showcasing some of UWS’ recent projects.

On the 14th November Nicholas presented on some potable water modelling that UWS has been doing on the use of ‘disaggregated demands’ for individual properties.

The intent of the project is to understand the impact of customer assets and water use behaviours on the customer water use experience.  A short (1 minute) video below shows the in house pressures.  The yellow indicates pressures above 15m with red indicating pressures below that.  A key finding was that in the utility’s assets the modelling of demand didn’t have a significant impact on minimum pressure predicted however the flow rates varied significantly.

On the 15th Bradley presented to the Sewer modellers on some work being done for a client in the USA.  This long term working relationship has included extensive model update and recalibration and the model is currently being used in real time for capital and operational decision making.  Brad also presented on how the modelling has led to the development of a “tool” that provides real time compliance information.

If you wish to know more about either of these projects please contact us.