It may be Red, but it’s our new Green Machine.

Urban Water Solutions is pleased to announce that the latest addition to our motor vehicle fleet is green, albeit red in appearance. Our new EV has proven to be both economical to purchase and run. Even using commercial charging stations, the energy cost per km is only a third of the cost of an equivalent ICE vehicle.

Given that this vehicle is over 15 years newer than the one we traded on it, it has taken a while to get the hang of all the driver assistance aids. The jury is still out on whether the driver-aids are really that helpful all of the time. The eagerness of the lane-departure controls to throw you back in your lane can be a bit off-putting.

Nevertheless, the driving experience is almost effortless, and the range is sufficient to get us to most of our regional clients on a single charge. So, keep a lookout for our lean, green, red, Urban Water Solving machine.