Ann Pugh presents at Water NZ Modelling Symposium in Christchurch.

Urban Water Solutions have extensive experience in the design and optimisation of Pressure Sewer Systems across the world and presented a session at the Water NZ Modelling Symposium on ‘Optimising the Design & Operation of Pressure Sewer Systems’.

Pressure sewer systems have been in use since the early 1970s and are now an established alternative to gravity sewers for difficult to sewer areas. By using time-based pump operation rules, it is possible to control the timing of pump operations. This allows the modulation of flows in the system and reduces the peak flows to the discharge point. Modulating the flow by controlling how many pumps will operate simultaneously throughout the day, results in smaller pipe diameters across the system and reduces the detention time of the sewage in the PSS pipe network.

The use of programable pump control units is not only for the design of new PSS but can also be applied to existing systems. The programable control units can be retrofitted enabling flow control scenarios to be developed to improve the operation and performance of existing systems.

Several case studies were used to demonstrate the impact optimisation can have at both construction and during the operating life of the network.

The presentation was well received with questions and discussion from attendees.

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