Wynyard Sewer Model Calibration

In 2016 Urban Water Solutions calibrated a hydraulic model of the Wynyard sewerage system built by others for TasWater.

Wynyard is a rural township located on the north-west coast of Tasmania.  The Wynyard sewerage system served a catchment of approximately 375ha with a population of 5,300 and comprised approximately 70km of gravity sewers, 23 sewage pump stations and 11km of rising mains, with a small pocket of pressure sewer on the western edge of the catchment.  The catchment was predominantly residential, together with commercial shops, schools, industrial units, and an airport. There was a significant seasonal industrial discharge into the system from the Fonterra cheese manufacturing facility.

Urban Water Solutions identified several issues with the existing model and, after consultation with TasWater, made amendments to the model to bring it up to industry best practice standard and ensure simulations created by the model would be hydraulically accurate.

A good level of calibration was achieved for both dry and wet weather from the revised model, and the model was considered a suitable platform for TasWater to undertake system performance assessments and high-level planning studies.  Urban Water Solutions provided recommendations to TasWater on further data collection which could further increase the veracity of the model, together with advice and guidance on using the model for assessing current system performance and future planning.