Water and Wastewater Modelling Training

Working smarter during Covid-19

In mid 2022 Urban Water Solutions conducted a total of six 3-hour online training sessions for TasWater hydraulic modellers. Three sessions were dedicated for potable water network modelling using the InfoWorks WS Pro and an additional three sessions for sewerage network modelling using InfoWorks ICM.

Due to Covid-19 travel restrictions the sessions were conducted online though Microsoft Teams. This allows staff from various TasWater offices to attend.  Each of the interactive sessions were held one week apart and were structured to enable a personalised training programme for the TasWater staff members.

The first two sessions ensured that all key features of the software were covered.  This included the configuration, model development and update, network simulation, and result analysis of a hydraulic model. The final session was an interactive workshop where participants shared a project and model and the group discussed and undertook the modelling tasks.

In addition to increasing their skills in each program, these sessions gave the members of the TasWater team an interactive experience, allowing them to ask questions freely and discuss issues they have encountered in their own projects.  TasWater participants were pleased with the outcome of the lessons and gained a valuable experience.