South Mornington Peninsula Backlog Sewerage Scheme, Vic

In 2013 Urban Water Solutions undertook the hydraulic modelling and analysis of South Mornington Peninsula Backlog Sewerage Scheme for South East Water, one of the most intricate pressure sewer systems ever proposed in Australia.  The proposed system comprised over 15,300 backlog sewer properties which UWS amalgamated into a single integrated pressure sewerage system model.  Compiling a single InfoWorks ICM model with such a large number of pumps presented a number of technical challenges however the final model proved to be a powerful analysis tool to assess system performance under a range of dry weather flow conditions as well as an extreme design case involving a 24-hour power outage and a 1 in 5 year/12-hour storm.

Through an innovative modification to the main transfer system operation, Urban Water Solutions was able to redesign the Pressure Sewer System network and reduce the required number of conventional pumping stations from seven down to two, providing a major reduction in capital expenditure and environmental impact.