Pressure Managed Areas for TasWater

Identifying the most cost effective pressure management options in Greater Hobart

TasWater understands the significant benefits that can be achieved through the careful management of excess pressure in water networks. TasWater engaged Urban Water Solutions (UWS) to review the Greater Hobart water network for opportunities for pressure management using the recently validated hydraulic model.

The Greater Hobart water distribution system is quite complex with 162 hydraulically distinct areas resulting from the undulating topography. UWS verified the 2016 hydraulic model and identified areas of high water-pressure in which to develop 22 potential pressure managed areas (PMAs). TasWater requires certain service parameters to be achieved, including exceeding a set minimum pressure and maintaining fire flows.

Following design of the PMAs system performance testing was undertaken in the hydraulic model. 15 PMAs met the project design criteria. UWS competed a cost-benefit analysis. Savings were calculated based on leakage and burst reductions that would be realised by the adoption of the PMAs. The costs for PMA establishment and a report detailing the PMA attributes was prepared. The PMAs were ranked based on their return on investment, thus allowing TasWater to focus on delivery of the most cost-effective PMAs.

The following figure shows an example of the assets required to create a PMA.