Modelling the Wallan Sewage Treatment Plant

Mining sewage to supply recycled water

Urban Water Solutions (UWS) was engaged to include the modelling of the Wallan Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) into the Wallan sewerage network.  The Wallan STP currently treats flow from Wallan, Beveridge and Wandong (in Goulburn Valley Water’s operating area). The STP is currently undergoing a transformation and will operate as ‘sewer mine’ to meet recycled water demands of up to 40 L/s in the local area. 

To accurately reflect the conditions in the network and to understand the interactions at the plant it was necessary to explicitly model the STP assets.  As Constructed plans and survey data provided by Yarra Valley Water formed the basis of the model. Flow monitors were installed at various locations and the flow data was used to calibrate the hydraulic model.

This project confirmed that the operation of the STP is integral to understanding the sewerage network system performance. 

For more information on the Wallan Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade please see Yarra Valley Water’s website (Wallan Sewage Treatment Plant | Yarra Valley Water (