Melbourne Sewage Transfer Model

In 2010-11 Urban Water Solutions was commissioned by Melbourne Water Corporation to build a new hydraulic model of the entire Melbourne Water Sewerage Transfer System based on the latest sewer GIS data sourced from Melbourne Water Corporation and retailers City West Water, Yarra Valley Water and South East Water.

The completed Melbourne Sewage Transfer Model had a population of 3.2 million, covered 1,600 sq km and included 2160km of sewers – all pipes over 300mm in diameter and significant sections of the 225mm network.  Using data from Melbourne Water’s permanent flow monitors, Urban Water Solutions verified the model for flow, salinity and pollutant loads (BOD, TKN, TPH and NH4) during dry weather.  Urban Water Solutions designed a new field monitoring plan which included sewage quality and sampling to facilitate a full hydraulic and sewage quality calibration of the model to be carried out in the future.