Melaka System-Wide Model Development

Urban Water Solutions was engaged by Ranhill Water Services to build all-pipe hydraulic models of the state-wide Melaka distribution system in southern Malaysia, as part of the Syarikat Air Melaka Berhad (SAMB) non-revenue water reduction project.  The Melaka distribution system is complex and comprised three major networks with over 4,800km of pipes, 200 reservoirs, 60 pumping stations and 6 water treatment plants supplying water to over 800,000 customers across an area of 1,600 sq km.

The client’s asset information was stored across several platforms and was found to be inaccurate and incomplete.  Therefore, prior to commencement of modelling, an extensive asset verification programme was developed and managed by Urban Water Solutions.  Key phases of this program included:

  • Establishment of a map grid across Melaka;
  • Translation of all available CAD and GIS network data into a single GIS platform;
  • Development of protocols and procedures for asset verification, including the identification and capture of previously un-recorded assets;
  • Site inspection and verification of all pumping stations and reservoirs.

The verified asset information was imported into InfoWorks WS and hydraulic models built for each network.

Flow and pressure monitoring programmes were developed for each network that included:

  • Temporary flow and pressure monitoring surveys;
  • GPS data collection and field testing programmes;
  • Pumping station logging;
  • Collection of available SCADA information.

The data from these programmes were reviewed prior to use in calibrating the three models.

During the model build and calibration process UWS provided “hands-on” training to Ranhill and SAMB staff.  The benefit of involving the client’s staff throughout the modelling process is that staff have an in-depth understanding of the functionality of the models and are able to independently use the models for ongoing system performance analysis and development of future augmentation programmes.