Ensuring Adoption of Modelling Best Practice

The purpose of a water network model specification is to ensure that water network models are developed and calibrated both in accordance with industry best practice and using consistent methodology regardless of the creator of the model. Because water network models influence decisions about large capital and operational expenditure it is important that models are reliable and produce repeatable modelled outcomes for the various scenarios tested.

UWS has extensive experience in both writing/updating specifications and working to them when undertaking modelling assignments for clients.

In 2019, Urban Water Solutions (UWS) was commissioned by Central Highlands Water (CHW) to develop a specification that describes the approach and standards used for the development. The previous CHW specification had become outdated and did not address features of the new hydraulic modelling software platform implemented by CHW, new CHW datasets and the latest industry best practices.

The specification was updated to reflect industry best practice with consideration of current practice and approaches within CHW. The specification was also updated to reflect the use of the new hydraulic modelling software platform, removing references to the previous software and capturing additional features available in the new software.

An interactive approach was adopted to the redevelopment of the standard to ensure the client’s input was received and incorporated into the specification.

The revised specification was adopted by CHW for future water network hydraulic model building and calibration.