Cam, Dover, Huon Water Supply Model Development, TasWater

In 2017 Urban Water Solutions was engaged by TasWater to develop all-pipe hydraulic models of the Huon Valley, Dover and Cam water supply systems.  The largest of these systems, the Huon Valley system, covers an area of approximately 8,400ha separated into 16 water supply zones, and supplied some 4,400 properties through a network of 257km of water mains; the Cam system covers an area of approximately 4,100ha with approximately 137km of water mains servicing 4,600 properties; and the Dover system was significantly smaller, covering an area of approximately 1,500ha, with approximately 35km of water mains servicing some 680 properties.

Average Day, Peak Day and Mean Day Max Month demand scenarios were derived using the available historical flow records at the WTP supplying each system.  The models were then verified with the available SCADA data.

A Customer Interruption Analysis was undertaken using the Critical Link Analysis tool in InfoWorks WS to identify the effects of mains outages.  Each shut off block (section between valves) was assessed and the number of customers affected by the outage recorded thus determining the most critical pipes in the system.  A system performance assessment of the minimum pressure, maximum pressure, maximum pipe velocity and maximum headloss in the systems was also carried out to identify deficiencies in each system.

The verified models were delivered to TasWater and provide a robust platform for TasWater’s ongoing operational analysis and augmentation planning programs.