Anka Property Development, Prebbleton, New Zealand

In 2015 Urban Water Solutions was commissioned by Anka Properties Ltd to review a pressure sewerage system designed by others for its proposed 76-lot residential development in Prebbleton, New Zealand. 

Urban Water Solutions used InfoWorks CS to build a dynamic hydraulic model of the proposed pressure sewerage system which was then used to assess the performance with pumps from two manufacturers and to develop an optimised design by incorporating a time-based operating protocol.

Urban Water Solutions was able to demonstrate that the original design would adequately service the proposed development.  However, Urban Water Services recommended that Anka Properties adopt its optimised design which would have the following advantages over the original design:

  • Reduced pipe diameters
  • Reduced sewage age, minimising the potential for future septicity and odour issues
  • A dramatic reduction in peak flows from the pressure sewerage system outlet following power outage restart, eliminating potential downstream flooding and the need to upgrade an existing pump station
  • Reduced construction cost
  • Flexibility to change control strategies in the future as required